Fastest growing PHP libraries

Repo Description Stars Growth
Get started with Laravel 5.3 and Angular (material) 1546
A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Mol... 2342
Dependency Manager for PHP 8897
Action-Domain-Responder: a web-specific refinement of Model-View-... 597
Lumen rest api demo with Dingo/Api, JWT, CORS, PHPUNIT 252
A fork of WordPress with Composer support added. Branches, tags,... 322
The osTicket open source ticketing system official project reposi... 912
Open software engineering platform and fun adventure game 8133
A docker environment for WordPress site development. 13
高度自定义的微信机器人,能够实现自动回复,消息转发,防撤回,留言... 407
Pterodactyl Panel is the free, open-source, game agnostic, self-h... 85
Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP 7684
Nuclear Reactor written in PHP. 4834