Fastest growing PHP libraries

Repo Description Stars Growth
Yii powered task runner and deployment solution 13
An Extbase-based TYPO3 Extension which is called typo3_forum 27
Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS. 2603
Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab) 879
A File provider for Backend Layouts 30
Laravel Backpack's base package, which offers admin authenticatio... 371
Simple, easy to use, open source time tracking system. 39
Pterodactyl Panel is the free, open-source, game agnostic, self-h... 282
SecLists is the security tester's companion. It is a collection o... 6365
The Facebook SDK for PHP provides a native interface to the Graph... 1675
A developer-experience focused HTTP client, optimized for most co... 627
Laravel Countries is a bundle for Laravel, providing Almost ISO 3... 400
Enables creation of responsive images for fluid styled content el... 17