Fastest growing PHP libraries

Repo Description Stars Growth
JSON API ( package for Laravel applications. 55
A CakePHP plugin for authenticating using JSON Web Tokens 94
Provides an implementation of the Guzzle Command library that use... 122
Admin Theme based on the AdminLTE Template for easy integration i... 203
An update to Matheus (X-warrior) Bratfisch yourls multi-user plug... 5
Integração do Cobre Grátis com o WooCommerce 6
The most awesome validation engine ever created for PHP 3833
Essentially it'll sniff your RSS feeds, add your transfers, downl... 34
:rocket: Composer template for Drupal projects. Quick installatio... 605
Acquia's Build & Launch tools for Drupal 8. 169
☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data 1770
The PHP Unit Testing framework. 6033
This is a collection of tutorials for learning how to use Docker... 2398