Amazon S3

1284 (<1)
backup-manager 1.2.1 — Database backup manager for dumping to and restoring databases from S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and Rackspace Cloud
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482 (<1)
flysystem-aws-s3-v3 1.0.21 — Flysystem Adapter for AWS SDK V3
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94 (<1)
wordpress-static-html-plugin — Free your WordPress site to be hosted anywhere, ie for free on GitHub Pages, Netlify or Amazon S3
876 (<1)
S3-Uploads v2.0.0 — The WordPress Plugin to Store Uploads on Amazon S3
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252 (<1)
wp-amazon-s3-and-cloudfront 2.0 — Automatically copies media uploads to Amazon S3 for delivery. Optionally configure Amazon CloudFront for even faster delivery.
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16 (<1)
laravel-aws-demo — A demo illustrating Laravel's integration with the AWS suite (e.g. S3, Rekognition, Elastic Transcoder)
67 (<1)
yii2-aws-s3 — An Amazon S3 component for Yii2
30 (<1)
aws-rekognition 0.1.1 — A lightweight plugin to add keywords to WordPress image uploads via automatic feature detection. Requires S3 Uploads.
48 (<1)
s3-bucket-stream-zip-php — PHP library to efficiently stream contents from an AWS S3 bucket or folder as a zip file.
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11 (<1)
php-s3-server — PHP-based server-side example for handling S3-related requests (such as GET signature) from Fine Uploader

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