NelmioApiDocBundle v3.3.0 — Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations
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RateLimitBundle 1.11.1 — Add rate limits to your controllers / actions easily through annotations
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phpdoc-to-typehint — Add scalar type hints and return types to existing PHP projects using PHPDoc annotations
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marcioAlmada/annotations — The KISS PHP annotations library.
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LaravelCollective/annotations — Route and Event Annotations for the Laravel Framework
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Ding — DI ( Dependency Injection: Setter, Constructor, Method), AOP ( Aspect Oriented Programming ), Events support, xml, yaml, and annotations (including some JSR 250 and JSR 330, like @Configuration and @Bean ala java configuration) , lightweight, simple, and quick MVC ( Model View Controller ), syslog, tcp client and server, with non blocking sockets, custom error, signal, and exception handling through events. Needs PHP 5.3, very similar to seasar, spring ( java ) . Can be deployed as a PHAR file.
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php-annotations — Industrial-strength annotations for PHP
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Dash-Annotations v1.0.0 — The source code for the Dash annotations server
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drest — Quickly and easily expose Doctrine entities as REST resource endpoints with the use of simple configuration with annotations, yaml, json or a PHP array.
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