203 (<1)
Cassandra-Cluster-Admin — Manage your Cassandra cluster in your Web browser!
Similar Cassandra
28 (<1)
CassandraBundle v2.2.3 — Symfony bundle on top of the datastax cassandra component
5 (<1)
ShahinSorkh/laravel-cassandra v1.1.0 — A Query builder with support for Cassandra, using the original Laravel API. This library extends the original Laravel classes, so it uses exactly the same methods.
4 (<1)
cassandra-nginx-cdn — Some config files and POC code to use Apache Cassandra as distributed storage for HLS chunks accross multiple datacenters and scripts for converting/transcoding UDP MPEG-TS to HLS and vice versa. The idea is take from’s Live Video Platform for FIFA World Cup ’14.
148 (<1)
php-cassandra — php Cassandra driver which support Protocol v3 (Cassandra 2.1) and asynchronous requests
96 (<1)
Pandra — Cassandra abstraction layer and keyspace scaffolder for PHP developers --- ABANDONED.
66 (<1)
phpcassa — Elegant Cassandra PHP client with TimeUUID and SuperColumnFamily support (port of pycassa)
5 (<1)
react-cassandra — Performant pure-PHP CQL (Cassandara) async (ReactPHP) library
6 (<1)
yii2-cassandra-cql — A Cassandra CQL3 client wrapper over phpcassa for Yii 2 - DEPRECATED

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