grav 1.6.0-beta.7 — Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS
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october v1.0.446 — Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
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pagekit 1.0.15 — Pagekit CMS
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bolt — Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP. It is based on Silex and Symfony components, uses Twig and either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL.
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anchor-cms 0.12.7 — A lightweight blog CMS for PHP
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joomla-cms — Home of the Joomla! Content Management System
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Pico v2.0.4 — Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS.
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cockpit 0.13.0 — Add content management functionality to any site - plug & play / headless / api-first CMS
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pyrocms v3.6.3 — Pyro is an experienced and powerful Laravel PHP CMS.
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CMS — A PHP CMS powered by Laravel 5 and Sentry
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    6 days ago
    platform (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    RAD platform for building a business application using the Laravel framework. Can act as the basis for web applications or perform the functions of CMS, CMF or admin panel for your site.
    2 weeks ago
    pagekit (Reached 5000 ⭐)
    Pagekit CMS
    grav (Reached 10000 ⭐)
    Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS
    3 months ago
    microweber (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    Drag and Drop CMS and online shop
    4 months ago
    oc-imageresizer-plugin (Reached 25 ⭐)
    October CMS Plugin to resize and compress images
    5 months ago
    lansuite (Reached 25 ⭐)
    A Content Management System designed especially for the needs of LAN-Parties
    8 months ago
    AsgardCms/Platform (Reached 500 ⭐)
    A modular multilingual CMS built with Laravel 5.

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