Computer Vision

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babewatch — Laravel Application using Machine Learning to ensure a is secure
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NudeDetectorPHP — PHP implementation of Rigan Ap-Apid's "An Algorithm for Nudity Detection"
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Tensorflow-Image-Classifier-Web-Demo — "Calorie Counter", helps you stay fit , by using computer vision to find which item are you eating and giving you nutrition facts
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php-opencv-examples — Tutorial for computer vision and machine learning in PHP by opencv (installation + examples + docs)
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InstagramVision — Using Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API, NXS-API (3rd Party API for Instagram), and Imgur API to allow users to post photos and videos through this web application to their instagram account. Microsoft computer vision API automatically generates hash tags based on the image analysis.
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ComputerVisionBundle — Provides a Microsoft Computer Vision API integration to your Symfony Project.

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