1350 (<1)
php-mpos v1.1.0 — MPOS stands for Mining Portal Open Source. Please be aware that the Issue tracker on Github is a Bug Tracker, not a Support Forum!
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121 (<1)
arbbot — Arbitrator, a bitcoin/altcoin arbitrage trading bot
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24 (<1)
laravel-bitcoinrpc v1.1.2 — Bitcoin JSON-RPC Service Provider for Laravel
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17 (<1)
cryptocoin_scrypt_stratum — A javascript scrypt cryptocurrency miner that uses a PHP built stratum server as a proxy.
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14 (<1)
shapeshift-magento2 — Accept cryptocurrency payments without fee on Magento 2 by ShapeShift exchange API
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59 (<1)
openclerk 0.30.1 — Keep track of cryptocurrency finances
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103 (<1)
kraken-php — Official library for PHP -
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4 (<1)
stormpat/CryptoCoin — Generate cryptocurrency addresses (public/private keys) with PHP.
6 (<1)
lametric-cryptocurrencies — The ultimate cryptocurrencies app for LaMetric : More than 1000 currencies available!
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