CSS, SASS, stylesheets

2201 (<1)
lessphp — LESS compiler written in PHP
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109 (<1)
php-sass — Compiles SASS to CSS automatically with pure PHP. No ruby used. One line of code. Currently uses latest SCSS 3.2 syntax, imports and mixins. Compass can also be used.
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3915 (+1)
css-selector v4.1.5 — The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions.
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940 (<1)
asset v4.1.6 — The Asset component manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.
Similar Assets Symfony
761 (<1)
PHP-CSS-Parser 8.2.0 — A Parser for CSS Files written in PHP. Allows extraction of CSS files into a data structure, manipulation of said structure and output as (optimized) CSS
2561 (<1)
minify — Combines. minifies, and serves CSS or Javascript files
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140 (<1)
tailwindo 2.1 — Convert Bootstrap CSS code to Tailwind CSS code
4 (<1)
Css — CSS reader and writer with full CSS3 support, already supporting huge parts of the current CSS4 spec. It supports media queries, comments, value optimization and more... It offers full Unicode support and can handle also large CSS sources. Requires PHP 5.4+.
88 (<1)
php-sf-flex-webpack-encore-vuejs — A simple app skeleton to try to make every components work together : symfony 4 (latest stable at the date, but work with sf 3.3+ if you just change the versions in composer.json), symfony/flex, webpack-encore, vuejs 2.5.x, boostrap 4 sass
11 (<1)
mozmorris/slim-skeleton — A Slim skeleton app - uses Twig for templates, Sass for stylesheets

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