Date and Time

Carbon 1.32.0 — A simple PHP API extension for DateTime.
Similar Date and Time
php-humanizer — Humanize values that are readable only for developers.
Similar General Helpers Date and Time
date v3.4.0 — A library to help you work with dates in multiple languages, based on Carbon.
Similar Date and Time
recurr v3.0.6 — PHP library for working with recurrence rules (RRULE); meant to help with recurring calendar events.
Similar General Helpers Date and Time Cron
moment.php — Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in PHP w/ i18n support. Inspired by moment.js
Similar Date and Time
chronos 1.2.2 — A standalone DateTime library originally based off of Carbon
Similar Date and Time CakePHP
opening-hours 1.6.0 — Query and format a set of opening hours
Similar Nice! General Helpers Date and Time
laravel-countdown 1.3.0 — Provide an easy class easy way to get the time difference between two dates, with an extra bonus trait for eloquent
Similar Date and Time Laravel
php-pretty-datetime — Generates human-readable strings for PHP DateTime objects
Similar Date and Time
yii2-datecontrol — Date control module allowing separation of date formats for View & Model for Yii Framework 2.0.
Similar YII Date and Time

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