43 (<1)
dhl-php-sdk — Unofficial DHL PHP SDK based on the DHL API - Updated to API-Version 2
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14 (<1)
dhl-module-shipping-m2 — This extension integrates the Deutsche Post DHL Group Business Customer Shipping API (GKP Versenden) into the Magento 2 order processing workflow.
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19 (<1)
shipment-tracker 0.4.7 — Parses tracking information for several carriers, like UPS, USPS, DHL and GLS by simply scraping the data. No need for any kind of API access.
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32 (0)
tobias-redmann/dhl-php-sdk — Unofficial DHL PHP SDK based on the DHL API
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8 (0)
php-dhl — [NOT MAINTAINED] DHL's XML API implementation
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DHL-API-Tracking-PHP — DHL API Tracking code built using php and DHL's XML-PI
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magento-dhl-intraship — This is a mirror of
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142 (<1)
DHL-API — This library provides a PHP client for the DHL XML Services. DHL XML Services is an online web services integration capability that provides DHL’s service availability, transit times, rates, shipment and courier pickup booking along with shipment tracking from over 140 countries around the world. Using DHL’s XML Services, customers can incorporate DHL shipping functionality into their websites, customer service applications or order processing systems.
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SyliusDHL24PlShippingExportPlugin v1.0 — DHL Shipping export plugin for Sylius platform applications.
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dhl-lib-shipping-mx — Library for DHL shipping API access

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