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http-message — The purpose of this PSR is to provide a set of common interfaces for HTTP messages as described in RFC 7230 and RFC 7231
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SecLists 2018.3 — SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments, collected in one place. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data patterns, fuzzing payloads, web shells, and many more.
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DesignPatternsPHP — sample code for several design patterns in PHP
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labs — This is a collection of tutorials for learning how to use Docker with various tools. Contributions welcome.
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clean-code-php — :bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP
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sqli-labs — SQLI labs to test error based, Blind boolean based, Time based.
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php-must-watch — list of interesting conference talks and videos on PHP -
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zguide v2.2 — Learning and Using ØMQ
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php-docs-samples — A collection of samples that demonstrate how to call Google Cloud services from PHP.
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