1540 (<1)
tntsearch — A fully featured full text search engine written in PHP
Similar Full-text search ElasticSearch
904 (<1)
FOSElasticaBundle v5.0.3 — Elasticsearch PHP integration for your Symfony project using Elastica.
Similar ElasticSearch Symfony
812 (<1)
Elasticquent — Maps Laravel Eloquent models to Elasticsearch types
Similar ElasticSearch Laravel
2689 (<1)
elasticsearch-php v6.0.1 — Official PHP low-level client for Elasticsearch.
Similar ElasticSearch
20 (<1)
fulltextsearch_elasticsearch v1.0.1 — Use Elasticsearch to index the content of your Nextcloud
Similar Full-text search ElasticSearch
429 (<1)
plastic v0.5.3 — Plastic is an Elasticsearch ODM and mapper for Laravel. It renders the developer experience more enjoyable while using Elasticsearch, by providing a fluent syntax for mapping, querying, and storing eloquent models.
Similar ElasticSearch SQL/ORM
1726 (<1)
Elastica — Elastica is a PHP client for elasticsearch
Similar ElasticSearch
309 (<1)
laravel-elasticsearch 3.2.0 — An easy way to use the official Elastic Search client in your Laravel applications.
Similar ElasticSearch Laravel
372 (<1)
searchindex 3.5.0 — Store and retrieve objects from Algolia or Elasticsearch
Similar ElasticSearch Algolia
240 (<1)
basemkhirat/elasticsearch 1.3.1 — The missing elasticsearch ORM for Laravel, Lumen and Native php applications
Similar ElasticSearch ElasticSearch Laravel


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