861 (<1)
FOSElasticaBundle v5.0.3 — Elasticsearch PHP integration for your Symfony project using Elastica.
Similar ElasticSearch Symfony
226 (<1)
scout-elasticsearch-driver v3.8.0 — This package offers advanced functionality for searching and filtering data in Elasticsearch.
Similar ElasticSearch Laravel
2445 (<1)
elasticsearch-php — Official PHP low-level client for Elasticsearch.
Similar ElasticSearch
1665 (<1)
Elastica — Elastica is a PHP client for elasticsearch
Similar ElasticSearch
678 (<1)
ElasticPress 2.5.2 — A fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress.
Similar ElasticSearch WordPress
471 (<1)
laravel-scout-elastic — Elastic Driver for Laravel Scout
Similar ElasticSearch Laravel
720 (<1)
Elasticquent — Maps Laravel Eloquent models to Elasticsearch types
Similar ElasticSearch Laravel
120 (<1)
elasticsearcher — Agnostic lightweight package on top of the Elasticsearch PHP client. Its main goal is to allow for easier structuring of queries and indices in your application.
Similar ElasticSearch
349 (<1)
elasticsuite 2.5.11 — Smile ElasticSuite - Magento 2 merchandising and search engine built on ElasticSearch
Similar Magento ElasticSearch
408 (<1)
plastic — Plastic is an Elasticsearch ODM and mapper for Laravel. It renders the developer experience more enjoyable while using Elasticsearch, by providing a fluent syntax for mapping, querying, and storing eloquent models.
Similar ElasticSearch SQL/ORM


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