Error Handling

8452 (+1)
whoops 2.2.1 — PHP errors for cool kids
Similar Error Handling Debug
2359 (<1)
collision v2.1.0 — Error Reporting for console/command-line PHP applications
Similar Command Line Console Error Handling
887 (<1)
sentry-php 1.9.2 — The official PHP SDK for Sentry (
Similar Error Handling
1735 (<1)
991 (<1)
tracy v2.5.3 — Tracy: the addictive tool to ease debugging PHP code for cool developers. Friendly design, logging, profiler, advanced features like debugging AJAX calls or CLI support. You will love it.
Similar Error Handling Debug
125 (<1)
sneaker v4.0.0 — An easy way to send emails whenever an exception occurs on server.
Similar Error Handling
373 (<1)
laravel-failed-job-monitor 3.0.2 — Get notified when a queued job fails
Similar Error Handling Slack Laravel
461 (<1)
bugsnag-laravel v2.14.1 — Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors.
Similar Error Handling Laravel
380 (<1)
lern 4.5.0 — LERN is a Laravel 5 package that will record exceptions into a database and will notify you via Email, Pushover or Slack.
Similar Error Handling Slack Laravel
235 (<1)
rollbar-php v1.6.3 — Error tracking and logging from PHP to Rollbar
Similar Error Handling


    3 weeks ago
    cakephp-error-email (Reached 10 ⭐)
    ErrorEmail Plugin for CakePHP3.x
    3 months ago
    collision (Reached 2000 ⭐)
    Error Reporting for console/command-line PHP applications

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