3581 (<1)
event-dispatcher v4.0.9 — The EventDispatcher component provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them.
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42 (<1)
event-store-symfony-bundle v0.5.0 — Event Store Symfony Bundle
Similar Events Symfony
12 (<1)
f3-events — Event system for the PHP Fat-Free Framework
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61 (<1)
domain-event-dispatcher — event dispatcher with a focus on domain events
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36 (<1)
laravel-transactional-events 1.4.4 — Ensure consistency between events and database transactions in Laravel (and Lumen)
Similar Events Laravel
53 (<1)
Events — Events for Nette Framework
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18 (0)
maximebf/events — Events library for PHP 5.3+
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49 (<1)
ericbarnes/CodeIgniter-Events — Events library to build extendible applications
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370 (<1)
laravel-google-calendar — Manage events on a Google Calendar
Similar Laravel
19 (<1)
nextcloud/dashboard v5.0.0 — The Dashboard app allows users to easily keep an eye on their instance, and to retrieve useful information such as last uploaded files, latest emails, upcoming events, etc

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