2350 (<1)
php-graph-sdk 5.6.3 — The Facebook SDK for PHP provides a native interface to the Graph API and Facebook Login. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/php
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663 (<1)
LaravelFacebookSdk — Fully unit tested Facebook SDK v5 integration for Laravel & Lumen
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263 (<1)
Facebook-Live-Reactions — The easiest way to create interactive Facebook live streams. Displays reaction count and live shoutouts :)
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260 (<1)
fb-messenger-php v1.0 — Facebook Messenger Bot PHP API
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320 (<1)
codeigniter-facebook — Facebook Graph API, OpenGraph, and Connect for CodeIgniter
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358 (<1)
facebook-php-ads-sdk — An SDK built to facilitate application development for Facebook Ads API.
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588 (<1)
facebook-instant-articles-wp 4.1.1 — Enable Facebook Instant Articles on your WordPress site.
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464 (<1)
CakePHP-Facebook-Plugin — CakePHP Facebook Plugin
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200 (<1)
fbcmd — Facebook Command Line Interface
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