Google API

5274 (<1)
google-api-php-client v2.2.2 — A PHP client library for accessing Google APIs
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296 (<1)
php-ga-measurement-protocol — Send data to Google Analytics from the server using PHP. Implements GA measurement protocol.
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31 (<1)
php-google-spreadsheet-api — PHP library for read/write access to Google spreadsheets via the version 3 API.
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23 (<1)
google-api-adwords-php — Composer and Packagist supported, official Google AdWords API PHP Client
13 (<1)
google-api-php-client-unlimited — Google APIs Client Wrapper for PHP with multi developer keys (free unlimited requests for google services, custom search example)
38 (<1)
gax-php 0.35.0 — Google API Extensions for PHP
11 (<1)
youtube-api — Lightweight API for YouTube (Google API v3)
5 (<1)
googleapi — Generate Google API refresh and access tokens
102 (<1)
google-apiclient — Google api php client wrapper with Cloud Platform and Laravel support

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