448 (<1)
graph — A mathematical graph/network library written in PHP
Similar Graphs Algorithms Math
64 (<1)
GraphDS — An object oriented, lightweight implementation of the graph data-structure in PHP
Similar Graphs Algorithms
157 (<1)
gliph — A graph library for PHP.
Similar Graphs Algorithms
410 (<1)
object-graph 1.1.0 — Provides useful operations on PHP object graphs
Similar Graphs
77 (<1)
phpgraphlib — PHPGraphLib Graphing Library
Similar Graphs
54 (<1)
graphviz — GraphViz graph drawing for mathematical graph/network in PHP
Similar Graphs
160 (<1)
Neo4j-PHP-OGM — A doctrine2 style library to access neo4j graphs
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585 (<1)
symfony/serializer — With the Serializer component it's possible to handle serializing data structures, including object graphs, into array structures or other formats like XML and JSON. It can also handle deserializing XML and JSON back to object graphs.
Similar General Helpers
2839 (<1)
object-enumerator 3.0.3 — Traverses array structures and object graphs to enumerate all referenced objects
Similar General Helpers
28 (<1)
Bootstrap-Nest-Administration-Tool — A nest thermostat administration tool. Features graphs to log your temperature data. Very useful for optimizing your heating and cooling.

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