4 (<1)
homestead-cli — A command line tool for managing your homestead environment and projects
172 (<1)
homeboy — Homestead site manager for quickly adding projects to your homestead vagrant and host file
113 (<1)
homestead_improved — A un upgraded fork of the original Laravel Homestead
9 (<1)
Craft-3---Vagrant-Homestead — Setup instractions to get Craft 3 setup on Vagrant Homestead
7 (0)
omnibox — Homestead inspired Vagrant development environment for all kinds of PHP projects.
6 (0)
homestead-symfony2 — Customization of Laravel's Homestead virtual development environment for Symfony2.
9 (0)
jeremykenedy/laravel-passport — Laravel-passport is a basic API server build using Laravel, Passport, and Vue.js License Build Status This will act as the API server for laravel-consume. It is recommended that you setup and use Laravel Homestead as your development environment for this project. Personal Token Scoped with middleware for API routes is configured and ready to go. Included Laravel Scaffolding User, Editor, and Administrator Authentication with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) user management.
4 (0)
AppStateESS/homestead — A web-application for managing on-campus student housing.
26 (0)
HomeForge — A CLI tool for managing Laravel homestead sites

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