2758 (<1)
Instagram-API v4.1.0 — Instagram's private API
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673 (<1)
instagram-php-scraper v0.8.22 — Instagram PHP Scraper. Get account information, photos, videos, stories and comments.
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65 (<1)
Instagram-for-PHP — PHP SDK for Instagram API
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86 (<1)
Instagram-Data-Scraper — Instagram Super Scraper is a PHP script which takes @user-name or #keywords as input and returns all information related to user or hash-tags e.g. likes, comments, post count, images, likes on images etc... You can search @account information and #hash-tag simultaneously by using space separated words in search box jQuery is using to build the Awesome View, to handle each and every request separately. I hope you like this small chunk of code All code is well commented to understand the flow and functionality, if I missed something or any improvement/suggestion you have, kindly let me know..
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60 (<1)
geogram — A simple application to lookup Instagram photos by location.
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190 (<1)
macuenca/Instagram-PHP-API — A PHP implementation of the official Instagram API
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35 (<1)
instagram-php-crawler 1.0.1 — A simple PHP Crawler for Instagram
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31 (<1)
instagram-user-feed 5.1.1 — Easily fetch your or any Instagram feed without oAuth for PHP
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25 (<1)
instagram-photo-video-upload-api — Upload Photo & Video To Instagram
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326 (<1)
instagram 9.0.1 — An easy-to-use and simple Instagram package
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