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actionview — An issue tracking tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, open-source and free, similar to Jira.
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thebuggenie — The Bug Genie is a friendly project management and issue tracking tool
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tit — Tiny Issue Tracker (PHP/SQLite, one-file issue tracker)
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traq — Project management and issue tracking system written in PHP.
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808 (<1)
tinyissue — Simple Issue Tracking for Teams
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php-mpos v1.1.0 — MPOS stands for Mining Portal Open Source. Please be aware that the Issue tracker on Github is a Bug Tracker, not a Support Forum!
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27 (<1)
uReport 2.0.2 — Issue tracking and constituent relationship management system with an Open311 (GeoReport v2) endpoint designed for local governments
37 (<1)
mark-a-spot — Public Civic Issue Tracking and Crowdsourcing / Mapping Platform based on Drupal 8. Open311 Server and Client Software
56 (<1)
WordPress-Developers-Custom-Fields — A plugin to provide WordPress developers with tools for managing custom fields. Check the WP repository link below for the source - GitHub currently only used for issue tracking.

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