Lightweight ORM

170 (<1)
nextras/orm v3.0.1 — Lightweight and high-performance ORM with clean object design
Similar SQL/ORM Lightweight ORM
1952 (<1)
idiorm — A lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5.
Similar SQL/ORM Lightweight ORM
50 (<1)
YetORM — Lightweight ORM for Nette\Database
Similar Lightweight ORM
23 (<1)
powerorm — A very simple but effective php orm
Similar Lightweight ORM
14 (<1)
PicORM — PicORM is a small and powerfull PHP ORM based on Active Record pattern
Similar Lightweight ORM
11 (<1)
tflori/orm v1.5.1 — just another orm...
Similar Lightweight ORM
12 (<1)
dabl — PHP ORM and Optional MVC Framework
Similar Lightweight ORM
14 (<1)
graup/mongo-php-orm — Simple and light-weight PHP ORM class for MongoDB
Similar MongoDB SQL/ORM Lightweight ORM
125 (<1)
cakephp/orm 3.6.12 — [READ-ONLY] A flexible, lightweight and powerful Object-Relational Mapper for PHP, implemented using the DataMapper pattern. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in
Similar CakePHP SQL/ORM Lightweight ORM
5 (0)
kijin/beaver — A lightweight ORM for PHP 5.3+ (Late static binding, yeah!)


    1 week ago
    YetORM (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Lightweight ORM for Nette\Database
    6 months ago
    tflori/orm (Reached 10 ⭐)
    just another orm...

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