5350 (<1)
swiftmailer — Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP
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11257 (<1)
PHPMailer — The classic email sending library for PHP
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840 (<1)
php-imap — Manage mailboxes, filter/get/delete emails in PHP (supports IMAP/POP3/NNTP)
Similar Mail IMAP
163 (<1)
codeigniter-phpmailer v1.2.29 — A CodeIgniter compatible email-library powered by PHPMailer
Similar Mail CodeIgniter
392 (<1)
php-mime-mail-parser 2.11.1 — Fully Tested Mailparse Extension Wrapper for PHP 5.4+
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113 (<1)
mailchimp-laravel — A minimal service provider to set up and use the Mailchimp PHP library in Laravel 5.*
Similar Mail Laravel mailchimp
371 (<1)
mail 2.5.1 — Library to send e-mails over different transports and protocols (like SMTP and IMAP) using immutable messages and streams. Also includes SMTP server.
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5 (<1)
yii-mailer — Yii Component for Swift Mailer
Similar Mail YII
26 (0)
silverstripe-smtp — Using PHPMailer in SilverStripe
Similar Mail SilverStripe
7 (0)
adrianorsouza/codeigniter-phpmailer — CodeIgniter mail plugin powered by PHPMailer library
Similar Mail CodeIgniter


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    swiftmailer (Reached 5000 ⭐)
    Comprehensive mailing tools for PHP

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