1229 (<1)
mediawiki — The collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia. This is a mirror from See for contributing.
Similar MediaWiki wikipedia
181 (<1)
SemanticMediaWiki 2.5.6 — Semantic MediaWiki is a project for extending MediaWiki with "semantic" functions that enable machine-reading of wiki-content.
Similar MediaWiki
155 (<1)
strapping-mediawiki — base skin for MediaWiki, based on Bootstrap — layer your own style (fonts, graphics, color) on top
Similar MediaWiki
67 (<1)
mediawiki-to-markdown — Convert MediaWiki pages to GitHub flavored Markdown
Similar MediaWiki
26 (<1)
chameleon — A highly flexible MediaWiki skin using Twitter Bootstrap 3
4 (<1)
mediawiki-tools-ansible-wikifarm — Github mirror of "mediawiki/tools/ansible-wikifarm" - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)
56 (<1)
Wikimate — A MediaWiki API wrapper for PHP based wikibots that [shouldn't] be confusing to use
16 (<1)
DiscordNotifications — Integrate Discord with Mediawiki. Sends notifications into your Discord room when certain actions are being performed in your wiki (for example when article is being edited, new article was added...)
4 (<1)
wp-wiki-tooltip — WP Wiki Tooltip is a WordPress plugin to add explaining tooltips querying their content from a MediaWiki installation, e.g.
46 (<1)
Tweeki v1.0.4 — MediaWiki skin based on Twitter's Bootstrap

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