MODX Revolution

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revolution — MODX Revolution - Content Management Framework
Similar MODX Revolution
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modxcms/Collections — An Extra for MODX Revolution that provides for Resource Collections managed by CollectionContainer Resources
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VersionX2 — Resource & Element Versioning Extra for MODX Revolution (supports 2.2 and up). Extends the core in a future-proof manner to keep copies of every change to resources, templates, template variables, chunks, snippets and plugins.
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frontpage — A front end content editing component for MODx Revolution
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gitmodx — MODx Revolution extension that allows you to store chunks, snippets and settings without database
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Doodles — An example component for MODX Revolution.
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localizator — MODx Revolution component for multilanguage sites with auto translate
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SEOTab 2.1.1 — SEO assistance for MODX — Optimize your MODX Revolution pages for the best Search Engine performance. Follow for tips and updates.
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importX — Addon for MODX Revolution which will take your CSV Formatted files (or raw paste) and transforms it into resources. Funded by Working Party (digital agency based in Sydney, @workingparty)
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SwitchTemplate 1.2.2 — Switch resource templates on the fly in MODX Revolution


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    revolution (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    MODX Revolution - Content Management Framework

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