MODX Revolution

957 (<1)
revolution v2.6.4-pl — MODX Revolution - Content Management Framework
Similar MODX Revolution
11 (<1)
LikeDislike — LikeDislike flexible extension of voting for MODX Revolution. It allows visitors to vote for anything you want on your website.
5 (<1)
tinyCompressor — Smart PNG and JPEG compression for MODx Revolution.
23 (<1)
XRouting — XRouting is a simple plugin that handles requests for different contexts in MODX Revolution. It automatically switches the context based on a (sub)domain AND/OR subfolder.
78 (<1)
miniShop2 — Second version of simple online shop for MODX Revolution
26 (<1)
ElementHelper — Element Helper is a MODx Revolution plugin for automatically creating elements from static files without the MODx manager.
3 (<1)
Modx-Revo-Simple-Ace-Code-Editor 1.4.4-pl — Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) *simple* integration for MODx Revolution.
12 (<1)
gitmodx — MODx Revolution extension that allows you to store chunks, snippets and settings without database
19 (<1)
AjaxForm — Simple component for MODX Revolution, that allows you to send any form through ajax.
7 (<1)
LangRouter 1.2.0 — Language context router for use with Babel in MODX Revolution

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