602 (<1)
vat-calculator 2.3.0 — Handle all the hard stuff related to EU MOSS tax/vat regulations, the way it should be. Can be used with Laravel 5 / Cashier — or standalone.
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2121 (<1)
money v3.1.3 — PHP implementation of Fowler's Money pattern.
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23 (<1)
laravel-yandex-kassa — Yandex Money integration with Laravel framework
718 (<1)
sebastianbergmann/money — Value Object that represents a monetary value (using a currency's smallest unit).
142 (<1)
akaunting/money 1.0.6 — Currency formatting and conversion package for Laravel
22 (<1)
gerardojbaez/money — A simple and cross-platform alternative to PHP money_format(). 91 currencies supported, including INR.
18 (<1)
ringgit v2.1.0 — Malaysia Ringgit implementation on top of Money PHP
5 (<1)
votemike/money — A class for dealing with Money (a combination of a value and a currency)
463 (<1)
Morphos 3.2.11 — A morphological solution for Russian and English language written completely in PHP. Provides classes to inflect personal names, geographical names, decline and pluralize nouns, generate cardinal and ordinal numerals, spell out money amounts and time intervals.
103 (<1)
laravel-money v3.1.0 — Laravel Money.
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    2 months ago
    money (Reached 2000 ⭐)
    PHP implementation of Fowler's Money pattern.

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