569 (<1)
vat-calculator 2.3.0 — Handle all the hard stuff related to EU MOSS tax/vat regulations, the way it should be. Can be used with Laravel 5 / Cashier — or standalone.
Similar Nice! Money
1961 (<1)
money — PHP implementation of Fowler's Money pattern.
Similar Nice! Money money library
20 (<1)
microfinance-ussd-app — A sample microfinance app that allows the user to register, get a free call from customer care, deposit money, withdraw money, send money or buy airtime...
269 (<1)
pesaPi — PesaPI is an API for mobile money systems across Africa. Using PesaPI you can save considerable time and effort when integrating mobile money systems into your application, making it easy for your application to detect when a payment has been received. Full details on
127 (<1)
akaunting/money — Currency formatting and conversion package for Laravel
711 (<1)
sebastianbergmann/money — Value Object that represents a monetary value (using a currency's smallest unit).
7 (<1)
VirtualTrader — Virtual stock trading site. Users start off with 200 $ and trade virtual stocks at their real price, the aim of the game is to make the most money. Entirely rebuilt from scratch based on the original VirtualTrader, now in OOP.
10 (<1)
bitcoinexchange-final — zelles exchange fork + many updates + fully functionable market trading section added + recover email option + save money to wallet + design bugg fixes + multisignature addresses support (2016 branch) + set multisignature support for any coin on and off and determine the amount of used addresses for multisignature address creation (2016_final branch) + many more
14 (<1)
gerardojbaez/money — A simple and cross-platform alternative to PHP money_format(). 91 currencies supported, including INR.
82 (<1)

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