3421 (<1)
laravel-mongodb v3.4.2 — A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
Similar MongoDB Laravel
15 (0)
graup/mongo-php-orm — Simple and light-weight PHP ORM class for MongoDB
Similar MongoDB SQL/ORM Lightweight ORM
4 (0)
laravel-mongodb-queue — Thread-safe MongoDB database queue implementation for Laravel
MongoDB Laravel
273 (<1)
mandango — Mandango is a simple, poweful and ultrafast Object Document Mapper (ODM) for PHP and MongoDB.
Similar MongoDB SQL/ORM
759 (<1)
mongo-php-library 1.3.2 — MongoDB PHP library
11 (<1)
fifths/php-mongo — php7 Mongodb class
112 (<1)
Codeigniter-mongo-library — MongoDB Library for Codeigniter with advance features like aggregation, journal, write concern and query profiling
1032 (<1)
php-dockerized — Dockerized PHP development stack: Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP-FPM, HHVM, Memcached, Redis, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ
Similar Redis Local development ElasticSearch
231 (<1)
DoctrineMongoDBBundle 3.4.3 — Integrates Doctrine MongoDB ODM with Symfony2
Similar Doctrine Symfony
516 (<1)
mongo-php-driver 1.4.4 — MongoDB PHP driver

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