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Embed v3.3.4 — Get info from any web service or page
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162 (<1)
Embera — A Oembed consumer library, that gives you information about urls. It helps you replace urls to youtube or vimeo for example, with their html embed code.
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640 (<1)
essence 3.5.2 — Extracts information about web pages, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles.
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126 (<1)
gistpress — WordPress plugin to add Gist oEmbed and shortcode support with caching.
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95 (0)
embedly-php — Embedly library for PHP
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37 (<1)
wp-github-oembed — WordPress Github "oEmbed" plugin
4 (<1)
embed-command — Inspects oEmbed providers, clears embed cache, and more.
9 (0)
wordpress-oembed-provider — an oEmbed provider for WordPress
8 (0)
wp-facebook-oembed — Facebook oEmbed support for WordPress

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