Phone Numbers

2361 (<1)
libphonenumber-for-php 8.9.8 — PHP version of Google's phone number handling library
Similar General Helpers Text / String manipulation Phone Numbers
346 (<1)
phone-number-bundle — Integrates libphonenumber into your Symfony2-Symfony4 application
Similar Phone Numbers
715 (<1)
Laravel-Phone — Phone number functionality for Laravel 5
Similar Phone Numbers Laravel
70 (<1)
yii2-phone-input 0.1.1 — Yii2 International telephone numbers
Similar YII Phone Numbers
938 (<1)
GUMP v1.5.6 — A fast, extensible & stand-alone PHP input validation class that allows you to validate any data
Similar Validation Phone Numbers
33 (<1)
phonenumber 0.2.0 — A phone number library for PHP
Similar Phone Numbers
127 (0)
davideme/libphonenumber-for-PHP — PHP version of Google's phone number handling library
Similar Phone Numbers
511 (<1)
IsoCodes 2.1.3 — PHP library - Validators for standards from ISO, International Finance, Public Administrations, GS1, Book Industry, Phone numbers & Zipcodes for many countries
5 (0)
Contact-Crawler — Based on your keywords such as occupation or location, crawl deliverable emails and phone numbers from Linkedin, Google and SalesGenie
4 (0)
phaker — A PHP port of Faker for random generation of data such as, names, addresses, and phone numbers.

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