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1490 (<1)
qr-code 3.2.12 — QR Code Generator
Similar QR codes
428 (<1)
php-qrcode-detector-decoder — This is a PHP library to detect and decode QR-codes. This is first and only QR code reader that works without extensions.
32 (<1)
qr-code-bundle — Bundle for generating QR codes in Symfony
19 (<1)
zbar-qrdecoder — A PHP wrapper for Zbar. Decodes images/photos containing QR codes.
5 (<1)
silverstripe-twofactorauth — Enable two factor authentication (Timed One-Time Password) for SilverStripe CMS using QR codes.
9 (<1)
ethereumpos/woocommerce — Accept Ethereum on your WooCommerce Wordpress website with simple QR codes and native order management.
10 (<1)
ttrss-qrcode — An on-demand QR-Code generator plugin for TTRSS (http://tt-rss.org). The QR-Codes are generated through PHP and do not require any external service.
6 (0)
sepa-qr-php — Generate QR codes for SEPA payments
14 (0)
PHP-QR-Code-Generator — QR code generator written in PHP. Will be able to generate QR codes for all versions and character sets.
3 (0)
moodle-enrol_easy — A moodle plugin to enrol students using 6 digit codes or QR Codes. This plugin is integrated and works best with the Fordson Moodle theme.

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