2466 (<1)
php-amqplib v2.8.0-rc1 — The most widely used PHP client for RabbitMQ
Similar RabbitMQ rabbitmq
972 (<1)
RabbitMqBundle v1.14.3 — RabbitMQ Bundle for the Symfony2 web framework
Similar Symfony rabbitmq
747 (<1)
yii2-queue 2.1.0 — Yii2 Queue Extension. Supports DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
Similar Redis Job queue YII
109 (<1)
enqueue-bundle 0.8.37 — [READ-ONLY] Message queue bundle for Symfony. RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, Redis, Service bus, Async events, RPC over MQ and a lot more
Similar Redis Job queue Symfony
251 (<1)
Thumper — PHP Library that implements several messaging patterns for RabbitMQ
480 (<1)
laravel-queue-rabbitmq v7.1.1 — RabbitMQ driver for Laravel Queue
29 (<1)
last-wishes-gamify — A full eventsourced gamification application designed to integrate with the Last Wishes application via messaging using AMQP and RabbitMQ.
407 (<1)
bunny v0.4.0 — Performant pure-PHP AMQP (RabbitMQ) sync/async (ReactPHP) library
28 (<1)
yii2-rabbitmq 2.0.4 — RabbitMQ Extension for Yii2
57 (<1)
DtcQueueBundle 4.10.1 — Symfony2/3/4 Queue Bundle (for background jobs) supporting Mongo (Doctrine ODM), Mysql (and any Doctrine ORM), RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, Redis, and ... {write your own}

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