1378 (<1)
promise — Promises/A implementation for PHP.
Similar ReactPHP
6766 (<1)
Workerman v3.5.15 — An asynchronous event driven PHP framework for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Supports HTTP, Websocket, SSL and other custom protocols. Supports libevent, HHVM, ReactPHP.
Similar Custom Servers Nice! Concurrency WebSockets websocket
173 (<1)
reactphp-buzz v2.4.0 — Simple, async PSR-7 HTTP client for concurrently processing any number of HTTP requests, built on top of ReactPHP.
332 (<1)
http v0.8.3 — Event-driven, streaming plaintext HTTP and secure HTTPS server for ReactPHP.
59 (<1)
reactphp-mq v1.1.0 — Mini Queue, the lightweight in-memory message queue to concurrently do many (but not too many) things at once, built on top of ReactPHP
305 (<1)
predis-async — Asynchronous PHP client library for Redis built on top of ReactPHP
Similar Redis
42 (<1)
laravel-reactphp — ReactPHP Server on Laravel 5.0
162 (<1)
http-client — Event-driven, streaming HTTP client for ReactPHP.
Similar HTTP Clients
572 (<1)
event-loop v1.0.0 — ReactPHP's core reactor event loop that libraries can use for evented I/O.
76 (<1)
reactphp/filesystem v0.1.1 — Evented filesystem access.
Similar File System

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