149 (<1)
readability.php — PHP port of Mozilla's Readability.js
Similar Readability
507 (<1)
php-readability — Back the fun of reading - PHP Port of Arc90′s Readability
Similar Readability
84 (<1)
arc90-readability — A copy of the original Arc90 repo with links to many of the current ports.
Similar Readability
110 (<1)
j0k3r/php-readability 1.1.9 — A fork of
Similar Readability
165 (<1)
graby 1.14.0 — Graby extract article content from web pages. This is a fork of Full-Text RSS v3.3
Similar Readability
361 (<1)
Text-Statistics 1.0.3 — Generate information about text including syllable counts and Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, Coleman-Liau, SMOG and Automated Readability scores.
Similar Readability Text / String manipulation
27 (0)
robeee/php-readability — PHP Readability fork from
Similar Readability
11 (0)
arc90labs-readability — Arclab Readability SVN mirror
Similar Readability
279 (<1)
php-goose 1.0.8 — Readability / Html Content / Article Extractor & Web Scrapping library written in PHP
Similar Readability
27 (<1)
larabase — Not actively developed. Base app to kickstart Laravel 4.2.x projects. LaraBase is a lightweight foundation for building apps with inbuilt Authentication, Blog, Bootstrap and other swappable components. The codebase is optimized for readability and to give you a great headstart for your projects. The codebase is by no means "pure" or "optimized".


    3 months ago
    php-readability (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Back the fun of reading - PHP Port of Arc90′s Readability
    5 months ago
    readability.php (Reached 100 ⭐)
    PHP port of Mozilla's Readability.js

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