318 (<1)
php-ssh — An experimental object oriented SSH api in PHP
Similar SSH SFTP
2517 (<1)
phpseclib 2.0.11 — PHP Secure Communications Library
Similar SSH SFTP
9 (<1)
26 (0)
pssht — SSH server written in PHP
Similar SSH Security SFTP
17 (<1)
pockethold v0.1.0-beta.4 — Install Flarum without SSH/composer access.
6 (<1)
SlotBot-V1.2-beta — Slotbot is a complex webshell manager written in PHP, which operate on web-based back-doors implemented by user himself. Using prepared php back-doors, Slotbot will work as C&C trying to communicate with each back-doors. Tool goes beyond average web-shell managers, since it delivers useful functions for scanning, exploiting and so on. It is Slot-HTTP botnet, therefore it is called. Also, Slotbot allows you to perform various brute-force attacks on services such as ftp, ssh or databases. All data about bots is stored in SQL database, ATM only MySQL is supported. TOR proxy is also supported, the goal was to create secure connection between C&C and backdoors; using SOCKS5, it is able to torify all connections between you and web server. All configuration is stored in conf file. Slotbot it's still under construction so i am aware of any potential bugs. You will need any web server software; tested on Linux, Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.4.4. Fully written in PHP.
56 (<1)
laravel-ssh-tunnel 1.2.0 — Easy creation & maintenance of an SSH Tunnel for Laravel/Lumen
169 (<1)
ssh-key-authority — A tool for managing SSH key access to any number of servers.
157 (<1)
remote v5.6.1 — Remote SSH Access for the Laravel Framework
7 (<1)
da-ssh-key-management — DirectAdmin plugin for managing user's SSH public keys.

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