495 (<1)
83 (<1)
php-svg — Vector graphics (SVG) library for PHP
Similar vector
321 (<1)
php-svg-lib v0.3.2 — SVG file parsing / rendering library
Similar svg
6 (<1)
PNG2SGV — Converts PNG images into a beautiful SVG vector graphic. Specially suited for small bitmaps / sprite images.
4 (<1)
toollabs/convert — Tool labs. Light conversions like PDF → SVG.
85 (<1)
SVG-Icon-Font-Generator v0.1.3 — Creates a SVG font from a set of SVG files and vice versa. The glyph mapping is based on the file names – that makes updating and extending easy and fast.
17 (<1)
silverstripe-svg — Basic SVG support for SilverStripe
5 (<1)
stlslice — This library provides PHP 7 functionality for slicing STL formatted 3D objects, and converting them to SVG or GCODE.
8 (<1)
silverstripe-svg-images — Basic SVG Image support for Silverstripe (Uploads/Assets)
10 (<1)
animCJK — Draw animated Kanii, Kana and Hanzi using svg.

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