2215 (<1)
Stringy — A PHP string manipulation library with multibyte support
Similar Text / String manipulation UTF-8
488 (<1)
utf8 — Portable and performant UTF-8, Unicode and Grapheme Clusters for PHP
Similar General Helpers Algorithms Localization Text / String manipulation UTF-8 unicode
196 (<1)
portable-utf8 5.2.9 — Portable UTF-8 library for PHP
Similar General Helpers Polyfills UTF-8
6 (<1)
bom-string 1.0.0 — A small PHP library to handle byte order marks (BOM)
Similar UTF-8
15 (<1)
fluxbb/utf8 — A library for UTF-8 in PHP providing UTF-8 aware functions to mirror PHP's own string functions. The library doesn't require PHP mbstring extension although, if found, it will use it to gain performance.
Similar UTF-8
1544 (<1)
mpdf v7.1.5 — PHP library generating PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML
810 (<1)
goodby/csv — Goodby CSV is a high memory efficient flexible and extendable open-source CSV import/export library for PHP 5.3. 1. Memory Management Free This library designed for memory unbreakable. It will not be accumulated in the memory whole rows. The importer read CSV file and execute callback function line by line. 2. Multibyte support This library supports mulitbyte input/output: for example, SJIS-win, EUC-JP and UTF-8. 3. Ready to Use for Enterprise Applications Goodby CSV is fully unit-tested. The library is stable and ready to be used in large projects like enterprise applications.
118 (<1)
json5 v2.0.0 — UTF-8 compatible JSON5 parser for PHP
91 (<1)
reactphp-stdio v2.2.0 — Async, event-driven and UTF-8 aware console input & output (STDIN, STDOUT) for truly interactive CLI applications, built on top of ReactPHP.
70 (<1)
EasySlugger — A fast and easy to use slugger with full UTF-8 support

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