verifyEmail — PHP function to verify if the email ...
Validation — The most awesome validation engine ever created ...
php-thrift-sql — PHP lib for connecting to Hive and ...
ts3webinterface — This is the Teamspeak 3 Adminstration Webinterface ...
validation-result — A result object for validation (PHP)
li3_validation — Lithium persian validation
chivalry-engine — Chivalry Engine
mymovies-SamuelJeune — mymovies-SamuelJeune created by Classroom for GitHub
EloquentJourney — following the book by the same name
mymovies-brazierl — mymovies-brazierl created by Classroom for GitHub
phpbootcamp-helloworld-jressen — phpbootcamp-helloworld-jressen created by GitHub Classroom
a2-cp3402-2017-team12 — a2-cp3402-2017-team12 created by GitHub Classroom
presidents-IdrissB — presidents-IdrissB created by Classroom for GitHub
prueba1-b2-katherinelasluisa — prueba1-b2-katherinelasluisa created by GitHub Classroom
week1oopexceptionsdate-infectedinfested — week1oopexceptionsdate-infectedinfested created by GitHub Classroom
presidents-gavak — presidents-gavak created by Classroom for GitHub
challenge-poo-banque-davidpatissier — challenge-poo-banque-davidpatissier created by GitHub Classroom
comix-2017-superpeche — comix-2017-superpeche created by GitHub Classroom
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