Validation — The most awesome validation engine ever created ...
strike-search — The awful code behind the most beautiful ...
mytemplate — PHP tempalte engine
acces-aux-donnees-avec-php-YannisBacha — acces-aux-donnees-avec-php-YannisBacha created by Classroom for GitHub
microcms-YannisBacha — microcms-YannisBacha created by Classroom for GitHub
monster-teaser-engine — legacy advert teaser engine
gsb-cr-YannisBacha — gsb-cr-bpesquet created by Classroom for GitHub
coursework-16-17-joepreddy — coursework-16-17-joepreddy created by GitHub Classroom
microcms-ilakkiya12 — microcms-ilakkiya12 created by Classroom for GitHub
rongdede-kimsufi-checking — kimsufi检测有货脚本
td-geometrie-Sacha-Vaison — td-geometrie-Sacha-Vaison created by GitHub Classroom
The-rival — The Best Broject Ever
adamf1631/php — html table populated by php and sqlite3
Mindy_Validation_Legacy — [DEPRECATED] Validation component
codeigniter-required-if — Form Validation modifications to allow a required ...
hidratacao-insercao-em-bd-CesarSuriano — hidratacao-insercao-em-bd-CesarSuriano created by GitHub Classroom
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