7140 (<1)
wechat 4.1.8 — :package: It is probably the best SDK in the world for developing WeChat App.
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2235 (<1)
HanSon/vbot — The best wechat robot base on web api!
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2465 (<1)
vbot 2.0.11 — The best wechat robot base on web api!
19 (<1)
tpframe v1.0 — Tpframe is a ThinkPHP5 based driver, a framework for rapidly developing API interfaces, WAP stations, WeChat stations, and PC stations.
4 (<1)
WeChat-project — WeChat related projects (public number and small program) payment sharing
48 (<1)
think-wechat 1.2.0 — easywechat for thinkphp support
189 (<1)
laravel-socialite — :octocat: Social OAuth Authentication for Laravel 5. drivers: facebook, github, google, linkedin, weibo, qq, wechat and douban
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102 (<1)
Wechat-Manager — A wordpress plugin , called Wechat Manager.
115 (<1)
Magento-Chatbot — Magento Chatbot Integration with Telegram, Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype and wit.ai.
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56 (<1)
wechat-payment-for-woocommerce — WeChat Payments for WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin that allows to accept payments at WooCommerce-powered online stores.

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