11096 (+1)
WordPress 4.9.6 — WordPress, Git-ified. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Please do not send pull requests. Submit patches to https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ instead.
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4513 (+1)
woocommerce 3.4.3 — An open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress.
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1667 (<1)
headless-wp-starter — WordPress + React Starter kit
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2468 (<1)
wp-bootstrap-navwalker — A custom WordPress nav walker class to fully implement the Twitter Bootstrap 4.0+ navigation style (v3-branch available for Bootstrap 3) in a custom theme using the WordPress built in menu manager.
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1671 (<1)
versionpress — Git-based version control for WordPress. Whoa!
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4971 (<1)
WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate — [WordPress] A foundation for WordPress Plugin Development that aims to provide a clear and consistent guide for building your plugins.
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1256 (<1)
WordPress-Coding-Standards 2013-10-06 — PHP_CodeSniffer rules (sniffs) to enforce WordPress coding conventions
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656 (<1)
wp-graphql v0.0.29 — A GraphQL API for WordPress
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1478 (<1)
elementor — The most advanced frontend drag & drop page builder. Create high-end, pixel perfect websites at record speeds. Any theme, any page, any design.
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279 (<1)
Self-Hosted-WordPress-Plugin-repository — Create your own self-hosted WordPress Plugin repository for pushing automatic updates.
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    3 weeks ago
    wordpress-starter (Reached 10 ⭐)
    WordPress Project Template is a skeleton best for rapidly creating projects with modern development tools, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure.
    4 weeks ago
    Adams (Reached 50 ⭐)
    WordPress theme
    1 month ago
    wordpress-heroku-php (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Seravo/wordpress (Reached 50 ⭐)
    The WordPress project layout used at Seravo.com, suitable also for local development with Vagrant and git deployment
    2 months ago
    illumipress (Reached 10 ⭐)
    Simple wrapper for the illuminate support, http response, request, validation, zttp, cache, encryption, blade templating and whoops error handler for WordPress ️

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