319 (<1)
array-to-xml 2.7.2 — A simple class to convert an array to xml
Similar XML
780 (<1)
querypath — QueryPath is a PHP library for manipulating XML and HTML. It is designed to work not only with local files, but also with web services and database resources.
Similar XML querypath
316 (<1)
xml 2.1.1 — sabre/xml is an XML library that you may not hate.
Similar XML
240 (<1)
parser v3.7.0 — [Package] XML Document Parser for Laravel and PHP
Similar XML xml parser
358 (<1)
fluidxml — FluidXML, the PHP library for manipulating XML with a concise and fluent API.
Similar XML
212 (<1)
xml-string-streamer — Stream large XML files with low memory consumption.
Similar XML
39 (<1)
revnode/xml — A PHP XML parser that provides an easy way to convert XML into native PHP arrays and back again. No dependencies on external libraries or extensions.
Similar XML xml parser
16 (0)
xml-iterator — XML Reader to array/object iterator with low memory usage and an acceptable level of ease of use.
Similar XML
25 (0)
php-hal — HAL+JSON & HAL+XML API transformer outputting valid (PSR-7) API Responses.
Similar XML
1561 (<1)
dom-crawler v4.1.5 — The DomCrawler component eases DOM navigation for HTML and XML documents.
Similar HTML/DOM Symfony Crawlers xml

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