YouTube API

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Youtube 2.2.1 — Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
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php-youtube-api — PHP wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3 ( Non-OAuth )
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CodeIgniter-YouTube-API-Library — A basic implementation for the youtube api as a CodeIgniter library. Removes dependencies on Zend for retrieval and manipulation of YouTube video data.
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youtube-livestream-api — PHP (Laravel) Package for Google / YouTube API of Video Live Streaming with Google Auth
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youtube-api — Lightweight API for YouTube (Google API v3)
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youtube-live-embed — PHP Class to automatically query Google Youtube API and create embed code if a live streaming is happening, as well as getting data like Video Id, Title, Description &c
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php-transcript-youtube-api-and-xml-parser — php transcript youtube api and xml parser without api key
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youtube-digital-library — MSU Library has created a digital video library using the Youtube API to power our local library channel. It is a complete search and browse app with item level views, microdata, a caching and optimization routine, and a file backup routine. The article will discuss applying the YouTube API as a database application layer, workflow efficiencies gained, metadata procedures as well as local backup and optimization procedures. Code samples in PHP, .htaccess examples, and shell commands used in developing the app and routines will be explained at length. And finally, a complete prototype app will be released on github for other libraries to get started using the lessons learned. A live version of the app is here: The real benefit of this method is the low overhead for smaller shops and the ability to scale production and distribution of digital video.
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youtube-api-php — PHP class for youtube
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contextual-advertisement-generator — This is a hackathon project done which won the runners-up prize at "What the Hack" hackathon conducted by sap labs.Generates ads in real time based on the content of the video. The audio form a video is sent to GoogleSpeechToText API to get the corresponding text. AlchemyAPI is used to get the keyword and this is used to search online for relevent ads. The resulting images are scraped and placed in the webpage beside the video (Youtube API). Thus the ads on the side of the video change in real time as the content of the video changes. If the person is talking about cars, an ad about cars shows up and when he talks about bikes, an ad about bikes shows up. ffmpeg and youtube-dl is used to handle the video part. PHP was extensively used.

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