YouTube API

377 (<1)
Youtube 2.2.1 — Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API
Similar YouTube API youtube api
134 (<1)
CodeIgniter-YouTube-API-Library — A basic implementation for the youtube api as a CodeIgniter library. Removes dependencies on Zend for retrieval and manipulation of YouTube video data.
Similar CodeIgniter YouTube API youtube api
324 (<1)
php-youtube-api — PHP wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3 ( Non-OAuth )
Similar YouTube API youtube api
13 (<1)
youtube-api — Lightweight API for YouTube (Google API v3)
35 (<1)
YouTube-Data-Tools — YTDT is a collection of simple tools for extracting data from the YouTube platform via the YouTube API v3.
4 (<1)
BahaaAlhagar/Youtube-Uploader — simple package to integrate with Youtube API
8 (<1)
YoutubeLaravelApi v1.0.0.2 — A Laravel wrapper over Youtube API v3, with customized functionalities
11 (<1)
youtube-livestream-api v1.0.2 — PHP (Laravel) Package for Google / YouTube API of Video Live Streaming with Google Auth
36 (<1)
youtube-live-embed — PHP Class to automatically query Google Youtube API and create embed code if a live streaming is happening, as well as getting data like Video Id, Title, Description &c
5 (<1)
php-transcript-youtube-api-and-xml-parser — php transcript youtube api and xml parser without api key

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