Repo Description Stars Growth
Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you 10945
A Symfony bundle to manage fixtures with Alice and Faker. 303
Put the awesome Faker library into the Symfony2 DIC and populate... 268
The easiest way to generate fake data in PHP. 153
[PHP / CLI] Command Line Tool for the Faker PHP library. 146
A Symfony2 bundle for using Alice and Faker with data fixtures. A... 75
PHP Version of Perl::Faker 50
Yii 2 Faker extension. 37
Fake post data with WP-CLI. 25
Generator of placeholder-type images using GD for fzaninotto/Fake... 25
Use Faker in Craft CMS 18
A new aged ipsum provider for the faker library inspired by http:... 18
Populate Laravel Models with random data generated by Faker autom... 17