Repo Description Stars Growth
Guzzle, an extensible PHP HTTP client 9172
Promises/A+ library for PHP with synchronous support 283
PSR-7 HTTP message library 202
Simple handler system used to power clients and servers in PHP 193
This library let's you dump a Guzzle request to a cURL command fo... 134
A bundle integrating Guzzle >=4.0 in Symfony 130
Provides an implementation of the Guzzle Command library that use... 127
⛽️ Integrates Guzzle 6.x, a PHP HTTP Client, into Symfony 2/3 126
Provides an OAuth2 plugin (subscriber) for Guzzle 113
A HTTP Cache for Guzzle 6. It's a simple Middleware to be added i... 111
Signs Guzzle requests using OAuth 1.0 (Guzzle 6+) 110
[NOT MAINTAINED] Integrates Guzzle into your Symfony2 application 99
Debug your API Calls with a Symfony web profiler for guzzle 83