Repo Description Stars Growth
An extensive set of generic PHP and Laravel-specific helpers. 256
Easier testing in Laravel. 228
🎌 Artisan commands to generate and update lang files automaticall... 136
Laravel 5 Helper function for Non-Laravel Projects 75
Adds Laravel Packages Support to Lumen and Other Helpers. 51
Provides Laravel-specific testing helpers and asserts. 44
Model and controller PHPUnit test helpers for Laravel 23
Laravel 4 Bootstrap using Confide for user management, Ardent for... 22
Simple helpers to generate JSend-compliant JSON responses 20
:grin: A collection of useful helper functions for in Laravel app... 17
inuit.css helpers and pagination for Laravel 4 13
Provides Laravel auto-completion for Jetbrains PHPStorm 10
Useful helpers and macros for Laravel 5 10