Repo Description Stars Growth
All Submissions you make to Magento Inc. (“Magento") through GitH... 4320
Code samples for Magento developers 394
A simple script to convert extensions from Magento1 to Magento2 96
Configure Magento 2 to send email using Google App, Gmail, Amazon... 92
A tutorial on how create a magento 2 module from scratch, with te... 83
[DEPRECATED] Magento 2 Community Edition package (see http://devd... 75
Magento 2 Sample Data 74
Magento2 Bash Completion 63
Banner Slider Extension on Magento 2 - best way to capture the ey... 59
H&O Magento 2 Advanced Template Hints module 59
Use Amazon S3 as the file storage solution for your Magento 2 app... 51
MageSetup for Magento2 51
Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Data Layer for Magento 2 47