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Generate Laravel route URLs from JavaScript. 440
A super fast PHP router, with route parameters, restful controlle... 379
Website for storing flight information, rendering paths on a zoom... 346
Fast router and dispatcher built on top of FastRoute 246
The helper class for Laravel 4/5 applications to get active class... 167
Fast routing package combining Nikita Popov's FastRoute and Orno\... 147
Route and Event Annotations for the Laravel Framework 139
Unit Testing Slim - Example PHPUnit route testing and mocking wit... 118
REST route for Nette Framework. Automatically maps REST actions t... 70
Laravel route binding, done right. 65
Route - Fast, flexible routing for PHP, enabling you to quickly a... 58
Laravel helper for recognising the current route, controller and... 55
Detect the language for your application using browser preference... 51