Repo Description Stars Growth
Generate Laravel route URLs from JavaScript. 496
A super fast PHP router, with route parameters, restful controlle... 411
Website for storing flight information, rendering paths on a zoom... 400
Fast router and dispatcher built on top of FastRoute 272
The helper class for Laravel 4/5 applications to get active class... 192
Route and Event Annotations for the Laravel Framework 148
Fast routing package combining Nikita Popov's FastRoute and Orno\... 147
Unit Testing Slim - Example PHPUnit route testing and mocking wit... 121
Route - Fast, flexible routing for PHP, enabling you to quickly a... 75
REST route for Nette Framework. Automatically maps REST actions t... 69
Laravel helper for recognising the current route, controller and... 68
Laravel route binding, done right. 64
Detect the language for your application using browser preference... 55