Repo Description Stars Growth
PHP errors for cool kids 3992
PHP whoops error on slim framework 63
PHP whoops error on ZF2 framework 60
WordPress plugin for whoops error handler. 32
[INACTIVE] Whoops for Laravel 5 32
CakePHP 3 plugin to support Whoops sexy PHP error handling 20
Magento module for handling errors with Whoops 17
Whoops for Shopware 16
Magento 2 module integrating Whoops error handling 15
Plugin for integrating the Whoops library into a CakePHP applicat... 14
PSR-7 compatible middleware for Whoops 13
搭建一个可用的Yaf,包括Laravel的Eloquent ORM、Twig、脚手架、Whoop... 12
Integrates the Whoops library into Silex 12