PHP Learning Curve & Start Making Money Online in 2022 – Pro Tips

PHP is a supple and influential programming language used by programmers to develop web-related tools, applications, and services. Easy learning, a lively community, plenty of frameworks, and plenty of content management systems built with PHP are why people are enthusiastic to learn PHP.

Once studying this easy-to-learn language, PHP programmers can master other programming languages in a short time. In addition, as PHP developers are a fundamental part of a company’s IT department, there is forever a high demand for these developers.

In this article, we’d be reading about PHP Learning Curve and how to Start Earning Quickly as Beginners in 2022.

PHP Learning Curve

PHP Learning curve includes Language basics (variables, conditions, loops, functions, etc)

Object-oriented PHP (classes, inheritance): In the commencement, it could be a little bit puzzling but you will soon understand that it helps a lot in keeping the code organized

Object-relational mapping (doctrine)

Some understanding of design patterns (especially MVC) will help you to recognize things better

Use the prior skills to correctly organize the structure of your project

Some reading about HTTP could always be helpful

Object-Oriented PHP Framework: ample of options, just try and decide your preferred one (I went for Zend, but CakePHP seems exciting now)

For each step do an easy project to apply what you learned, it’s the best way to get better. I think that jumping straight to a framework is a terrible thing and could be confusing. I would at the slightest experiment with the Object-Oriented PHP first.

PHP Programmers Income

You can work in a diversity of fields and earn money online programming the PHP language. In addition, if you have sufficient experience in using this language, along with other languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can be paid more by expanding your job scope.

How to Start Making Money Online in 2022

Still doubtful to opt for PHP as your programming language? There are many inventive and varied ways to earn money online from programming PHP, which we will discuss below.

Number 1: Build a PHP Blog.

If PHP is the language you work with or even try to study, you can make a PHP blog and get other individuals involved.

For example, you can share your travel incident as a PHP developer on your blog. There are still a lot of PHP blogs out there, but no one similar to you can publish your own exclusive experience.

Number 2: Find a PHP-Related Job

WordPress is one of the most admired content management systems, which lately supports about 40% of sites. It is written in PHP language, so besides WordPress, this language develops its position on the web.

If you are a developer operational with another language, you can simply study PHP and plan for a job as a PHP programmer. The good news is that if you by now have experience working in another language, you can earn money online by programming PHP.

Number 3: Build a Telegram Robot

Due to its exclusive and extraordinary characteristics, the Telegram Messenger service has become very admired by users around the world. They apply Telegram bots to send unspecified messages, crowd games, and multimedia files to a channel. Some robots even have moved ahead and provided users with enormous characteristics, most of which are billed. luckily, it is possible to create telegram robots, and you can put up yours and trade them with many people.

Number 4: Plugins and Templates Development for Content Management Systems

Adding up to WordPress, there are more content management systems written in PHP; for example, Drupal, Joomla, XenForo, OpenCart, etc. You can opt for one of these systems and expand its plugins and templates. Then, you can vend them straight or propose them for free and charge customers to provide added characteristics.

If you are fascinated by template design, you can also trade your templates a similar way and charge your consumers to add custom characteristics or as a preservation fee.

Number 5: Make Money From PHP With Offline or Online Training

If you adore teaching others, you can create money by teaching PHP. Regarding the existing pandemic, most people choose to teach online.

in addition, you can educate PHP in person at schools or videotape your lessons and trade it as a package on websites like Udemy. You can even share your educational videos on YouTube and create money this means.

Number 6: Try Working as a Freelancer

Working on freelancer sites like Upwork can assist you to make money with PHP projects. In addition to earning money, working at home as a freelancer has many profits.

Number 7: PHP Frameworks Development

PHP has a lot of frameworks; Including Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Phalcon, Zend, etc. You can pick any of these frameworks and write scripts for it. If your scripts are professional enough, you can put them up for sale for an excellent price or supply them to other developers semi-free for an upholding fee.

Number 8: Build Your Website

The options accessible to PHP developers are everlasting! You can develop your own sole website using PHP.

for example:

  • Job sites to join job seekers with employers
  • Particular auction and reduction market site
  • A custom search engine
  • Game sites
  • Advertising display site
  • Conversion site of a variety of formats
  • shopping website
  • Hosting and domain sales site
  • Education site
  • Download site

And So on.

whatever thing you consider is practical can be an excellent alternative for making money from PHP programming. However, be cautious not to race with sturdy rivals.

Number 9: Participate in PHP competitions

It is certainly difficult to win first place in competitions. but if you succeed in a contest, it can help you in your work as a freelancer, instructor, or blogger in numerous ways.

Search for PHP matches on Google. undeniably you will discover a contest worth participating in.

Aside from online competition, think about joining local PHP development groups.


PHP is a well-liked language among developers because the requirement for this language is sky-scraping, and there are a lot of ways to make money online from the PHP programming language.

Examples, PHP training, website development, partaking in PHP competitions, freelance, blogging, script development for PHP frameworks, development of plugin templates, development of a content management system, etc.

thus, PHP developers will certainly not be unoccupied as long as they are proficient. It is appealing to know that even if you are a programmer of another language now, you can rapidly learn PHP in a petite time! So do not miss the chance and start working presently.

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