PHP VS Python – Choosing the Best Language for Web Development in 2022

Choosing the right programming language is very vital for any development project. These days, Python and PHP are two admired programming languages that a good number of businesses like to utilize for web development projects.

When comparing these two, choosing one becomes a little hard. Though many websites are developed in PHP, Python has also become very well-liked in the last few years.

But, which programming language is best for your web app – PHP vs Python? We will talk about the fundamentals of the two languages and then will carry on to their contrast.

Python is influential, convenient, open-source, and is comparatively simple to learn and amusing to use. It has many features that other programming languages do not hold up.

PHP is not used for universal purpose programming and is only used for creating dynamic web content with HTML. The only explanation to stick with PHP is its effortlessness of utilization.

Best Language for Web Development

Regardless of the truth that Python was formed as a general-purpose language, while PHP was created as a language for the web, they are equally appropriate for web app development.

The selection of a language should depend on the requirements of a particular project. For companies that don’t have any technical surroundings, it may be tricky to make the right option on their own.

To know which one is top between PHP Vs Python, we have evaluated these languages on some factors. So, let’s have a look:

#1 Performance:

Python has measured as the fastest programming language a few years ago, but PHP version 7 has distorted the picture. At the moment PHP is 3 times faster than Python and other languages. Here PHP comes first.

#2 Library Support:

In library support, Python defeats PHP, because it comes with many libraries. As compared to Python, PHP does not have sufficient library support.

#3 Community Support:

Once it comes to community support, both languages split in approximately in a similar position. 80% of the websites are on PHP, so it is obvious how incredible the PHP community is.

#4 Complexities:

When it comes to the easiness of use, Python beats PHP. PHP comes with an inflexible syntax, making this language difficult and moderately tough to understand.

#5 Documentation:

PHP comes with an entire documentation site that allows developers to set their comments on the documentation pages. The documents are written in basic and simple language, which beginners and experienced developers can effortlessly understand. There are no such issues with Python, as it does not let comments. Here PHP beats Python as developers can simply understand its documents.

#6 Debugging:

Python and PHP get a tie in debugging, as Python’s PDB (Python Debugger) and PHP’s XDebug appear with influential debugging features, including stacks, breakpoints, path mapping, etc.

#7 Syntax:

Syntax-error-free programming is forever a crucial point that developers typically consider while choosing a language, and here Python wins.

#8 Rendering:

The substantial community support and easy documentation advantage the PHP in rendering.

PHP vs Python in 2022

Pros of Python

  • It improves developers’ efficiency as it comes with widespread library support and obvious object-oriented designs that help programmers write neat and clean codes.
  • Python improves the application performance as it incorporates vigorous process integration features, and unit testing frameworks and improves management capabilities that eventually boost the speed and output of the applications.
  • It is open-source hence simply available by the programmers.
  • It is an extensible language that enables developers to still write codes in other languages, including C, and C++.
  • It is handy because of WORA functionality.

Cons of Python

  • Python is weak in mobile computing and browsers; hence it is hardly ever seen on the client-side.
  • Due to design boundaries, it raises run-time errors.
  • The database admittance layers of Python are a bit immature as compared to Java Database Connectivity.
  • It uses huge amounts of memory during application building, which can be a drawback if memory optimization is necessary.

Pros of PHP

  • It is an open-source server-side programming language and free, so each user can download it with no trouble and use it to build dynamic web pages.
  • It is platform-independent; applications developed on PHP can powerfully run on various operating systems like Linux, Windows, and UNIX.
  • Codes are effortlessly convenient in PHP.
  • It mechanizes common web development tasks.
  • The robust security feature avoids websites from targeted security attacks.

Cons of PHP

  • Instead of learning PHP, programmers are necessary to understand its frameworks like CakePHP, Yii, CodeIgniter, and more.
  • The eminence of every single PHP framework differs from one another.
  • Developers do not find sufficient options to change the core performance of the frameworks.
  • The frameworks have a defective error handling method.
  • It is weak in managing the large size of applications.
  • The superior features of PHP sometimes influence the speed and performance of small or simple websites.

The most admired programming language software universally last year was PHP, with a market share of 45.43 percent. And Python was the most well-liked programming language based on how frequently its tutorials were searched on Google, with a 30.06% market share.


Both PHP vs Python web development have their benefits. While PHP has been used for web development for an elongated time, Python is taking over very rapidly. Python is a safe, adaptable, and supple technology and is one of the most excellent options for machine learning and data analysis that offers businesses a wide range of opportunities.

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