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clean-code-php — :bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP
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last-wishes — Last Wishes is a PHP application written following Domain-Driven Design approach. It's one of the sample applications where you can check the concepts explained in the "Domain-Driven Design in PHP" book.
clean-architecture v0.4.0 — Package for isolate your domain code from framework dependency using DDD concepts.
Trinity — An experimental PHP framework written to test some design concepts.
PhpComputer — A completely useless library of low-level computing concepts implemented in OOP PHP.
asg — This is a content management system that merges concepts from multiplayer games, operating systems, wikis, link aggregators, feed readers, and more! Features: * OOP/MySQL/PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/Jquery/scrollTo+LocalScroll/Ace editor/Notifier.js * Documents organized in tree hierarchy, each document can act as directory * Every edit of a document saves a new revision with the old document * Chat integrated (chat notifies of cms events, uses long polling) * Aspect oriented (aspects can be toggled with commands or in sets- a user's aspect can be refreshed from the server by setting an aspect_preference variable to 2 (0 means off, 1 means on, 2 means needs refresh) * Command line (defaults to chat input, commands begin with forward slash) * Bots (Bot commands can be added as easily as adding a document in the appropriate place, bots can execute code. Bots respond to users they are focused on, when active.) * User-selectable stylesheets + individual css rules (styles are editable within the CMS, individual style rules are applied after loading style, added with /set body background black) * Easy to add new commands (/addcom) (commands are stored in CMS as javascript and loaded at runtime) * All aspects and commands are listed with /help * Aspects are remembered between sessions (ie: looks the way you left it) * All aspects, documents, commands, and users have access levels * Uses Ace editor for editing documents * DB info stored in database/config.php - run the .sql then login with admin/admin * Integrated link aggregator with full cache (fetches link with wget) * Integrated RSS feed parser and db of over 200 feeds * One aspect is called the 'metabrowser' which is an iframe that loads a URL on command (usage: /bload or /meta) .. the url is also remembered between sessions. * There is an interesting JS function called 'simcom' which simulates a user typing into the command line- works for both commands and chat messages. Usage: asgConfig.simcom('chat message or command!')
namespaces-and-autoloading-in-wordpress — [WordPress] A simple example of namespaces an autoloading used to demonstrate the concepts in a presentation at WordCamp Atlanta 2017.
malenkiki/math — A work in progress about Math! Implemented or partially implemented mathematical concepts are: Complex number, Matrix, Normal distribution, Random, Angle, Random Complex, Descriptive Statistics and Parametric tests
phpProxyBuilder — Library allowing you to build proxy instances at runtime. Similar to AOP concepts.
ddd-core — Core for Domain-driven design concepts

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